Getting Started

Typically, I ask students to write formal, weekly responses to readings in this class. But our accelerated timeline makes this less feasible. I am interested to see whether the restricted (140 character) format and dynamic feed of tweets will provide any useful stimulus for out of class discussion.

To participate, you should:
1. Create a twitter account.
You are free to create a faux account if you already use twitter and don't want to mix your personal and academic lives.

2. Logon to Twitter and then follow the "user" IUPElit .
This will allow me to add all the students in the class to a list.

3. Post using the hash tag "#iupelit"
Placing this somewhere in your message, will make it easily readable by classmates.

4. You have the option of responding directly to classmates' posts individually by sending to "@username". These won't show up in the main feed. You may also choose to "follow" your classmates or conduct back-channel discussions. I tend to post through the website, but you can install a twitter client on your computer, or you may add an "app" to your phone.

Viewing Class Tweets

(Some of these may update more frequently than others. Option one should be most current. Feeds run through our wiki may be delayed an hour.)

1. Go to and search for our hash tag "#iupelit"

2. Add the RSS Feed to your feed reader (such as Google Reader):

3. Bookmark page for this RSS Feed Widget for #IUPElit

    3. Place this RSSpump RSS Feed Widget on your own page.
    <div style="background-color: none transparent;"><a href="" title="News Widget" rel="nofollow">News Widget</a></div>

    4. Visible Tweets