The primary purpose for the creative media assignment is to give you a chance to think about language in relation to digital media. You should begin with a concept rather than a technology. Think about an effect, a reader/user experience you want to explore. Then seek a way to implement it within your technical means.

You should consult some of the Student media experiments from other classes.

Here are some tools that are more or less user-friendly:

  • - blog
  • Twine - a free, hypertext writing tool -
  • Portable wiki -
  • Video/audio show -
  • - Downloadable OS desktop design and publishing software (like InDesign or MS Publisher)
  • - Downloadable OS image editing software (like Photoshop)
  • - Downloadable OS audio editor.
  • Wix webspace - web based html editor, free (easy)
  • Processing - multimedia, interactive programming, free, open source (challenging)
  • Scratch - low rez, interactive programming, free (beginner; games the kids can design)
  • Prezi - simple presentation tool; think outside the ppt box; commerical but free (easy)
  • Wordle - text visualization, free (easy)
  • eDiastic - poetry generator (easy to hard); charNG is similar
  • Giotto - free, open source tool for creating animation and interactive Flash/SWF files. Windows only (?)
  • Tween - Tween light, tween max - an alternative to Adobe Flash for animation
  • Flashgames

The noted digital writers Jason Nelson and Judy Malloy each have websites listing "tools" for digital writers. I am not sure that any of these will be appropriate for beginners, but perhaps you have some prior experience you can develop, or perhaps you will consult these sometime in the future.