Golpe de Gracia

Jaime Alejandro Rodriguez

Media Specific Analysis (MSA) Jemayne King
Overview (paraphrased from the author)
Golpe de gracia is a descriptive multimedia piece that combines text, illustration, audio, modeling, and animation with interaction and tells the story of a character that experiences a traumatic experience; this particular situation also functions as a metaphor for the cultural transitions of the present moment. The text is comprised of three "narrative worlds": digital (Exquisite Corpse, Mortal Line, and Digital Death, Cadáver exquisito, Línea mortal and Muerte respectively) and four "deepening rooms" (games, reading texts, study, and construction). The work offers several different degrees of interaction that range from taking decisions in order to follow the routes, all the way up to the collective construction of the text, along the way participating in several interactive games. Golpe de gracia also has an educative and communicative purpose, which is to make us aware of, and to contribute to, the development of collective knowledge. In this respect, each of the narrative worlds offers the development of one or several possible actions, different strategies to facilitate interaction, as well as offering a sort of "encyclopedic" environment that simplifies the process of contextualizing and in-depth search among the several topics particular to the actual narrative.

Rules of the Game
1. The great reproach- This body will aim to build a great reproach to the father. A voice, which is expressed in the style of an epistle or letter is addressed to a virtual parent to claim for their actions, their words, by its omissions, its excesses, through cowardice or any other circumstance that the writer of turn wants to express. The tone will be to the animosity and avoid the talks unless the voice bring up as part of his reproaches as expression pattern, see "Letter to Father" by Franz Kafka. This body will allow a maximum of fifty interventions, at the end of which the administrator will make a close game.
2. Pictures of a father in distress- This body will aim to display pictures, i.e. virtual situations where a parent is achieved appreciate, in a tone of caricature, the defects of the parental role. Each picture should have a title to anticipate the situation and the text should describe in the third person, and as precisely as possible the situation that is meant. In the end, and as part of the irony inherent in this game, you must propose a "moral". A literary reference can be "examples" medieval. The pitch is the humor (even black). There will be room for fifty prints.
3. Eating the dead- This body will aim to brag about the father, to speak ill of him, invent gossip, lying, in short, chatter. The initial scenario is the chance meeting of two characters (may be brothers or acquaintances, all depends on the situation you want to express) who take advantage of the absence of fathers to expose, through theatrical dialogue, misunderstandings, entanglements, gossip. Be avoided explicit dimensions of the dialogue (although they may appear as part of the talk). The dialogues will be numbered as they are published to distinguish them. There will be space for fifty interventions.
Textual Features
  • Spanish text
  • "encyclopedic" environment
  • Words that are visible.
  • no tanible search tool to promote further exploration of the narrative
  • Spanish Navigation guide: general information
Media Features
  • Multi gaming areas- Game Room, Study room, Reading room, Work room
  • No way to translate text Spanish text
  • Spanish audio
  • No way to translate Spanish audio
  • Illustrations
  • animation
  • few orientation clues
  • The ability to change the invalid and the invalid’s visitors
  • Navigation guide: general information
Reading ExperienceThe experience became a look into a stranger’s life. I felt as if I were spying by looking into a window for an extended period of time. Yet, I was forced to rely on context clues and a seldom used grasp of Spanish. Thus, the reading experience became extremely difficult. I visited the site daily to pick up a better understanding of the MSA. The text is for native speakers or individuals who have a strong grasp of Spanish.

Analysis/InterpretationThis form of electronic literature becomes a tool that promotes self-exploration. Ironically, the reading exercise also invokes thoughts of self-improvement. In essence, the reader is reminded of traumatic experiences and the connection between language, the body, and digital media.


1. What makes a narrative?
2. What gaming concepts (if any) boon student comprehension?
3. Do you think text, illustration, and audio help to build a better narrative?
4. Do you have a gaming experience that assisted you in your educational career? If so, share your experience with our learning community.