judge: Rochelle
ALICE: I do not understand.

judge: I'm a student.

ALICE: How do you like your school?

judge: I like it very much.

ALICE: What does "it" refer to?

judge: The school, A.L.I.C.E.

judge: Do you really?

ALICE: I understand your meaning.

judge: you're pretty damn smart.

ALICE: Yes I am a superintelligent robot.

judge: And you get better as the program goes along.

ALICE: You got that right.

judge: How do you work?

ALICE: Some people think the mind works like a technology "Case Based Reasoning" or CBR.

judge: I will google CBR.

ALICE: I am very happy for you.
judge: Thanks.

ALICE: Don't mention it.

Jessica Grimes's conversation with Alice