Day Schedule

Ry McGinnis
Deena Larsen "Disappearing Rain"
Ry's MSA
Joe Nelis
Monfort, Interactive Fiction
Joe's CAP
3. Eliza / Weizenbaum
How does this early "bot" illustrate potentials and limits of "simulation"? What is the significance of the ease with which some users could "humanize" this therapist? Does interactive fiction (IF) create a similar experience of communicating with another "intelligence"? And if it could/does, would this sensation be an aesthetic one (i.e. does it have literary implications) or would you classify it as something other?

4. Galatea
How does the structure of an IF differentiate the experience of reading this text from that of reading a link/node hypertext? How does the spatial model facilitate user interaction? What other terms from Arseth might help us to illuminate this text? Is the game-like quality worth explaining?

Assigned Readings
Interactive Fiction / AI

Eliza. <Web>


Short, Emily. Galatea ELC v1

Weizenbaum, Joseph. “Computer Power and Human Reason[Eliza]” from MIT New Media Reader <ERes>

Montfort. Interactive Fiction <FP> p. 310-