1. CAP Jesse Ulmer , Asareth, "Introduction: Ergodic Literature" , Jesse's CAP

2. MSA Dawn Sparks Nelson-"This is how you will die" , Dawn's MSA

3. Bernstein: Artifice of Absorption
How do the concepts of artifice and transparency speak to our reading of digital literature, particularly the seductions/barriers created by the sometimes novel interfaces of these poems and fictions? Does the "relativism" of absorptive and anti-absorptive effects help establish the relationship between digital literature and other forms of "experimental" writing?

4. Up against the screen

5. Piringer: Sound Poems

Assigned Readings

Piringer. Sound Poems
Katko. Up Against the Screen. ||
Bernstein, Charles. “Artifice of Absorption” from _A Poetics_ <ERes>
Asareth, Espen. From _Cybertext:Perspectives on Ergodic Literature_ <ERes>