Day Plan:
1. Presentation (15 min)
Jose Otero
Kate Pullinger & Chris Joseph: Flight Paths
Jose MSA

2. Hayles
Liz Jacoby
Hayles: Chapter 3, The Body and the Machine
Jacoby, Elizabeth
3. YHChang
Discussion of how this minimalist / cinematic aesthetic works (or fails). Analyze the interplay between screen-space, words, visual pacing, and music. What would it be like to just the text from such a work?

4. Babel and Escha
Perhaps prefiguring the mashup, this "versus" piece involves collaboration and commentary on the banal in the urban. Perhaps the text plays a less significant role than in YHChang. Is it, nonetheless, aesthetically effective? Why or why not? (Let's temporarily set aside the question of whether it is literature as opposed to new media art etc.)

Assigned Texts:
Time Based/Visual

Last Days of Betty Nkomo <web> and one other piece from yhchang

Babel and Escha. Urbanalities. ELCv1

Hayles., Chap. 3 <EL>